WebExplore is a plugin for CoolSQL, which is suitable for people engaged in web application development. With all features of CoolSQL, WebExplore can run on the platform where Java Runtime Environment is installed(1.5 or above). It bases on ibator inheriting and extending excellent features of ibator. So WebExplore is also a code generator using graphics interface


How to use

Suggest you read some document about Ibator before starting content below. WebExplore bases on Ibator, so it's easy to understand how WebExlore works if you have some ibator experience.

1. Ibator Configuration: Each Ibator configuration corresponding to one bookmark. So it's necessary to create a bookmark and connect to database. Select "Context Configuration" in the popup menu on bookmark node in bookmark tree, or select menuitem: WebExplore -> Context Configuration, and then Configuration dialog which contains context configuration, table configuration and classpath entries will be displayed.

Select configuration menu

Select configuration menu

Click button to set up a new context. The configuration dialg compose of three tab page: Common Options, Generator Options and Plugin. These options on the configuration panel are consistent with Ibator (Detailed document).

The next step is to set up table configuration after a context is created. Click button , and then a dialog like picture below will be popped up:

In this dialog, you can select tables or columns which you want to generate conveniently. If some tables should have same configuration, you can achieve it by selecting all tables and clicking "Edit Property" button.

Table Configuration Dialog

Lastly, you can specify the SqlmapConfig file if needed. If you do so, WebExplore will merge the sqlmap file corresponding to table in database to this file.

2. Generate Code: WebExplore provides two way to generate code.