CoolSQL is a cool tool used to view and manage database. It provides a nice user interface which makes a wonderful experience to user. CoolSQL inclineds to view and analyze data in the database, provides abundant functions including querying, modifying, exporting, supporting sqlscript and analyzing data. Convenience and maneuverability are the most advantages of CoolSQL. CoolSQL is written in java, thus it should run on any operating system that provides a Java Runtime (1.5 or above).

Now the newest released 0.9.5_RC2 is available!


News about CoolSQL

(2010-8-20)The release 0.9.5_RC2 is available

(2010-1-29)The release 0.9.5_RC1 is available

(2009-06-06)The release 0.9.3 is available, adding some new features. A new and useful plugin is included in this release: WebExplore.

(2008-09-13)The release 0.9.1 has been builded!


Welcome to report any comment or bug to mailforlxl@gmail.com